Prix déménagement


How to calculate the price of a mover? Several factors can affect prices, and each moving company operates at a different hourly rate. The rate and price of a mover vary based on their experience, service quality, and the included services to facilitate your move. Obviously, your budget is crucial, so providing as much information as possible during the price calculation step is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, there are certain points to consider to make the right choice and find the best prices! Indeed, there are many moving companies, and the type of move can affect the price. Residential moves, commercial moves, or long-distance moves, there are services for each type of move.

Moving is a significant expense and often a source of stress. A good professional mover provides a detailed quote. Here are some factors to consider to help you choose the best mover at the best price.


  1. The moving date can influence the price of your move. Busier periods may have a higher hourly rate and can impact the total budget. Try to choose a date outside peak times as much as possible.
  2. The distance between your old and new residence matters. Also, consider the location of your moving company! Travel time is factored into your moving price.
  3. Compile a comprehensive list of all items and boxes to move. Don’t forget heavy or fragile items that can increase costs.
  4. Include in your total budget the cost of boxes, covers, etc. OR your mover may offer advantageous packaging product packages! They can even provide packing and unpacking services as needed.
  5. Need storage? Add this cost to your total moving budget.
  6. And yes, include in your price pizza and refreshments!

Above all, don’t forget that your moving price may be tax-deductible! Inquire if you’re moving near a new job or your studies!

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